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              • 真空腔体水气解吸附组件
              • 真空腔体水气解吸附组件
              • 真空腔体水气解吸附组件



              The ZCUVE represents the most recent advance intechnol water vapor desorption ogy. The unique design is scalable from 2.75” to 8” flange sizes with a proportionally higher UV power factor with larger flange sizes.

              The ZCUVE was designed to desorb water from large deposition chambers where it is not practicable to have an exposed UV emitter inside the vacuum chamber. Standard off-the-shelf shutters can be used to prevent the ZCUVE from being coated during deposition processes.

              This process works best on o-ring (Viton) sealed vacuum chambers that do not have any other way to bake out, and also for smaller sized load-locks.技术参数:




              2.75" / 40 CF


              4.5" / 63 CF


              6.0” / 100 CF


              8.0” / 160 CF

              An external assembly houses the UV emitter, which is situated just behind a high UV transmission, ultra-high vacuum window. A mirror on the back side of the emitter further improves the transmission of 185 nm UV radiation through the window and into the vacuum chamber. The ZCUVE housing is backfilled with an inert gas to prevent ozone production within the housing. Finally, the emitter leads are connected via MHV high voltage connectors to the control.


              The advantage of using UVC radiation to desorb water vapor is that is produces very little heat.  Less heat means less damage to mechanical parts and samples. Another advantage is that UVC does not require a direct line of site in order to desorb
              water vapor.  It can’t get into nooks and crannies, but it can reflect off of polished surfaces (like chamber walls) with a loss of 50% to 70% per " bounce" .


              The UVB-100 uses UVC radiation to desorb water vapor without heat. The emitter extends into the vacuum chamber.


              The ZCUVE (Zero Clearance UV Emitter Water Vapor Desorption System) uses UVC radiation to desorb water vapor without heat. The emitter resides outside the vacuum chamber.

              Note: These water vapor desorption products are designed to work with high vacuum systems, large vacuum, chambers, and load locks. They are not designed to replace radiant bake-out methods in ultra-high vacuum systems, but are UHV compatible

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